Important Stage Coaching Programme

This course is designed for B.E.-III year students i.e. students studying in either 5th /6th semester. The course pattern for these people is such that their current semester subjects are covered first i.e. Heat transfer, Thermodynamics & Mass transfer-I are taught, if the student is in 5th semester (or finished his/her 4th sem exams) at the time of joining the course because course is also started during the semester/year back period. If the students are in 6th semester (or finished their 5th sem exams), CRE, Mass transfer-II, & Control are covered first. Accordingly the remaining subjects of previous semesters are covered one by one based on the time left or when the course was joined. The course is crucial for the students because of the reason that during 3rd year companies also conduct campus recruitment drives. If a company is core, it demands sound knowledge of chemical engineering and if it is not a core one (may be a software company); still it helps a student with better percentage record. The 3rd year of the course is most important for all the students because it contains six most important subjects of chemical engineering out of all. It forms the base of a chemical engineer regardless of the field he/she chose to work in future.