Director’s Message

Dear students, as we all know that GATE score card validity is three years which is now used by some Public and Private sector undertakings for employment screening purposes. The use of GATE Score card may be/has been made mandatory by all the Public and Private sector undertakings for employment screening purposes in future.

There is a tendency to prepare for any competitive exam not only GATE, during final year of graduation which is a huge risk by any count and not a good decision to follow as far as future is concerned. Career is not meant to be played just because of the influence of seniors/classmates of almost same standard/people around, who has not achieved anything substantial other than having B.E./B. Tech. in life. It’s only a matter of few thousand rupees for which a student risks the entire life of being a normal chemical engineer passed with a medium background of knowledge. If at all you can dare do this, get ready to witness what you couldn’t see in chemical engineering & what you can achieve with efforts in the right direction only. It is not mandatory to go for M.Tech./M.E. after qualifying GATE but now GATE has been made mandatory in almost all PSUs. So wake up, move forward and join us for better future.

“Loss of gold in tons can be recovered, While loss of time in minutes can never be”

Dr. Ashish Gome

(B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D.-Chemical Engineering)