Crucial Stage Coaching Programme

This course is for final year students or who are on the verge of completion of their B.E. As the name indicates, this stage decides the future of all the chemical engineers even if they never appear in GATE exam. In final year a student is familiar with almost all the main subjects of chemical engineering except Heat & Mass Transfer Equipment Design and Management. At this stage, students remain with no more chances to play with their future and needs to do something valuable. It’s the best way to answer all the questions relevant to what they actually did during their four year degree programme and what they really want to be. The task becomes slightly easier for the students because they have gone through all the subjects at least once earlier. The difference is that how much they could gain, what they really learnt & what they have not seen in chemical engineering. Ask a simple question to everyone and to you as well, who doesn’t have common books of chemical engineering, who has not studied McCabe-Smith, Treybal, Van ness Smith, Levelspiel, Fogler, and Coughanowr, but has all of us been able to go into an IIT, could be a topper, could go into major public sectors ?? You won’t be able to answer in the affirmative in favor of most of the students, so be positive and don’t play with not only present but future too. Try and search for the heights one can achieve being a chemical engineer. For few thousand Rupees, don’t take chances and do not waste precious time.